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Market Stories

A specific section dedicated to new companies going public. We pour through the DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus), we crunch the numbers, we talk to the promoters and we bring you the crux of the issue in this section

CreditAccess IPO

IRCON International Ltd.

IRCON International is about to go public. Unlike other sarkari companies IRCON is a Category 1 Miniratna and the railway sectors principal engineering and construction entity. So should you subscribe? Read more

Published on Sep 17th

CreditAccess IPO

CreditAccess Grameen Ltd.

A Visionary, a Revolutionary Idea and a Nobel Peace Prize; Grameen Bank, had it all. But the story we are going to tell you is a bit different. This is Grameen with a tinge of profit. Maybe you can get in on it as well ? Read more

Published on Aug 7th

HDFC AMC IPO Introduction

HDFC AMC : The biggest IPO of the year

The HDFC AMC IPO is expected to have a blockbuster listing. But what's driving the mania? Why is there so much hype around the HDFC IPO? Read more

Published on July 21st

TCNS Clothing IPO

TCNS Clothing Co.

Building a brand is no easy task. Yet, despite all odds TCNS has built an empire for itself in the ethnic wear segment with ubiquitous brands like W, Aurelia and Wishful. But it's still a mid sized company with a lot to prove. So will it stand up to the task?... Read more

Published on July 17th

Rites IPO Introduction


RITES is a government company with solid financials. But its also much more than that and with the new IPO it plans to allow the public to have a peek at one of the largest consulting companies among PSU elites... Read more

Published on June 19th

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