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Market Stories

Unlike stock stories where we cover specific stocks, this sector deals with larger themes involving the market and investing.

Indian Economic Slowdown | Part 2
Market Stories

The Indian Economic Slowdown Explained | Part 2

The second half of a 2 part series that simplifies what's causing the economic slowdown. In this part we try and piece together the events leading up to the current day crisis...Read more

Published on July 7th

Indian Economic Slowdown
Market Stories

The Indian Economic Slowdown Explained

The first half of a 2 part series that simplifies what's causing the economic slowdown in this country and how we got here in the first place. The second half of the story will be coming soon....Read more

Published on July 2nd

A Dummy’s guide to ‘that’ paper by Arvind Subramanian
Market Stories

A Dummy’s guide to ‘that’ paper by Arvind Subramanian

This article tries to simplify the highly intricate subject matter that forms the basis of a very controversial paper published by Arvind Subramanian alleging that India has been overestimating it's GDP by about 2.5 percent...Read more

Published on June 26th

Rise of the Specialty Chemicals Industry — Visualised
Market Stories

Rise of the Specialty Chemicals Industry — Visualised

When the Chinese state agency goes on a mad spree to curb pollution, it presents an opportunity for the Indian Chemical companies to shine. This story is a visual retelling of how the speciality chemicals industry in India saw one of its biggest booms....Read more

Published on May 26th

The Analyst and the Three Body Problem
Market Stories

The Analyst and the Three Body Problem

When someone begins to question the whole purpose of your existence, what would you do? In our case we decided to write this epic essay on the uncertainty of markets- an essay filled with illustrations, simulation, real life stories and videos...Read more

Published on May 11th

Thinking about Shorting
Market Stories

Thinking about Shorting

This story is about betting on the downside. It's not about the quintessential growth story, instead it's about failures and how failures manifests itself in businesses. This is a story on " Thinking about Shorting"...Read more

Published on Apr 28th

Dark Underbelly of Indian markets

The dark underbelly of the Indian Stock Market

What happens when three idiots without experience in Stocks begin exploring the inner sanctum of the Indian Stock market?. Here is a small account of our Journey exploring the depths of the Indian SME IPO market ...Read more

Published on Apr 13th

Indian Consumption Story

Myths of the Indian Consumption Story

The Indian consumption story is radically changing how people are viewing individual stocks. Even average companies can look pretty good against the backdrop of a good growth story and it's a dangerous precedent. This story is a warning against staking all your chips based on just one claim! ...Read more

Published on Apr 7th

Rational investor

How to be a Rational Investor?

Why do people lose money in the stock market ? Why is there such a stark difference between a rational investor and an irrational speculator. This story today will take you deep into the minds of the irrational investor and explore the fallacies that besiege the mind. ...Read more

Published on Mar 2nd

Real Estate

The Making of the Real Estate Bubble

This story is on the making of the Real Estate bubble, how we got here and whose likely to be at the forefront of the great unraveling incase the bubble goes pop. Hint : They have been all over the news lately ...Read more

Published on Feb 16th

In defence of RBI

In defence of RBI

While everybody is out with their pitchforks demanding for RBIs head this piece will provide you another perspective, the RBI perspective. If you haven't been following up with controversies or haven't got around to reading what the RBI does. This story is definitely for you....Read more

Published on Dec 16th

Financial Shenanigans

Financial Shenanigans and how to find them?

This story tries to connect one of the most popular works on accounting forensics "Financial Shenanigans" to Dalal Street and tell you how to piece together a puzzle to see if the growth story on your favourite stock is premised on solid ideals or shaky ground...Read more

Published on Dec 8th

NBFC Crisis

The Indian NBFC Crisis

The financial institutions that serve us are interconnected in so many ways that a small blip in the system could have the potential to bring down the entire economy if we don't stop the contagion spread and the NBFC crisis is threatening to do just that. In this story we try and piece together the pieces of this puzzle as the crisis unfolds in what is being touted as India's moment of reckoning...Read more

Published on Nov 3rd

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