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Lagnam Spintex IPO intro slide

Lagnam Spintex

Lagnam Spintex is on a daring adventure - one that involves massive loans, a new production facilitiy and an all new IPO. But its also an adventure rife with uncertainities, trials and tribulations. Will Lagnam emerge victorious or is it doomed to fail? Find out more in our story about the Lagnam IPO

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Dangee dumb intro slide

Dangee Dums

You have probably vistied a Dangee Dums if you are in Ahmedabad. If you haven't, ask teenagers around you and they'll tell you all about it.. But should you invest money in this company? Find out in our story about the Dangee Dums IPO.

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SunGold Media Entertainment intro slide

SunGold Media and Entertainment

Find out how this company turned it's business interests away from farmhouse development and became a media and entertainment house in this short* story on Sungold Media and Entertainment Limited.
*It's short for a reason

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Saketh Exim intro slide

Saketh Exim

In this story we cover the subtle art of running a textile trading business and steel parts manufacturing with Saketh Exim.

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Salebhai Internet intro slide

Salebhai Internet

Flipkart hasn't done it. Ola hasn't done it. Big Basket hasn't done it. Salebhai is doing it. Find out more in this thrilling story about online retail and a small Indian internet company.

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Ushanti Color Chem intro slide

Ushanti Color Chem

This is the story of Blue Gold and a small dyestuff company trying to make it big in a very uncertain world !!

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Ganesh Films intro slide

Ganesh Films

Don't invest in Ganesh Films. Don't . Just don't do it. If you really want to know why ? Click read more

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super shakti intro slide

Super Shakti Metaliks

After its demerger from the parent company Supershakti has moved from strength to strength. Or at least that's the company's version. But the devil is in the details and for a thorough analysis of the company click read more

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Avon Modplast intro slide

Avon Modplast

Plastic chairs , tables and stools. They might not sound glamorous but Avon Moldplasts have been on a growth path selling plastic furniture. Will they succeed in this endeavour or is the future bland like plastic stools and chairs.

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Amabni Organics intro slide

Ambani Organics

Ambani Organics is not a venture from the Ambani's. But the company is still clocking in good revenues and adding capacity to increase their top line. So what's holding the company back ? Find out at

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Raw Edge Industrial Solutions intro slide

Raw Edge Industrial Solutions

Promoters with degrees from IIT's and IIM's. Backgrounds in Finance, Manufacturing and experience working at McKinsey. A top line of 44 Crores and plans to expand soon. Is this the multibagger story that will emerge as the saving grace for SME IPO's. Find out at

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Jakharia Fabrics intro slide

Rudrabhishek Enterprises

REPL is a story of contradictions. It's got a rich legacy but it's recent performances have been poor. It's got an amazing order book but profits are declining. Is it poised for a turnaround or is it going to stick to being mediocre. Find out more at

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Jakharia Fabrics intro slide

Jakharia Fabrics

Jhakaria Fabrics have largely remained unremarkable in the past few years, but they have grand plans for the future. Find out if it's going to deliver on its promises or if it will continue being unremarkable.

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Ganga Forging intro slide

Ganga Forging

Ganga forging is expected to forge a new story for itself in the upcoming years. But will it be able to shed it's mediocre past and move towards a more fulfilling growth path. Read our story on Ganga forging at

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Rajnish Wellness intro slide

Rajnish Wellness

Rajnish Wellness sells sexual enhancement products under the brand name " PlayWin ". While we would love to write a product review about PlayWin we still haven't received our package. Meanwhile you can read our review of the stock

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Bright Solar intro slide

Bright Solar

Bright Solar is a company that is currently involved in assembling solar pumps and the odd consulting work. But it has big ambitions and some even bigger problems. Will it become the next multibagger?

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Accuracy Shipping intro slide

Accuracy Shipping

Accuracy is a logistic service provider that has shown incredible promise in its top line. But its future will be built on its ability to become more profitable. Will it rise to the occasion or will it become obsolete ?

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Priti International intro slide

Priti International

Priti International manufactures beautiful products from mechanical waste. They recycle used products and ship their finish goods outside of their country. But not all is well inside Priti International.

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Shree Oswal intro slide

Shree Oswal Seeds & Chemicals

ShreeOswal, a seeds manufacturer is all set to list itself on the SME board. While the company's profit margins are thin, it is still making consolidated revenues of 77 Cr. Their future will largely depend on how they manage their costs

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Palm Jewels Ltd.

Palm Jewels is a company that engages in the wholesale gold business. While gold companies have a lot going for them, Palm Jewels is in a league of it own, but not necessarily for all the right reasons

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