A letter to Finception Subscribers

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Published 7th September, 2019

Dear Subscribers,

Thank you for supporting a young bootstrapped* startup.

We currently have over 10,000 subscribers, 50,000 people reading us and a whole lot more who interact with us elsewhere. And this is all thanks to you.

All of you golden people who spread the word, helped us financially, gave us valuable inputs and showered us with so much love. We will forever be grateful to you🙏.

That being said we are writing this letter because we have a few updates.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we launched Finshots and we appreciate the support and generosity you’ve shown us so far. I wish I could thank each one of you personally but I suppose this message will have to suffice for now.

Now obviously since we’ve launched Finshots, we’ve received a ton of questions from you lot, on some of the new developments we’ve got going on here. So we thought we’d answer some of these today

  1. What happens to Finception? Are you going to stop completely?

No, we won’t. It’s been a while since we published something on Finception and we know it’s quite frustrating to not see more activity there. However, we are still only a small team and writing long-form articles is an intensive task. Especially considering the long hours we put into researching some of this stuff. So until things settle down at Finshots I am afraid long-form articles have to wait. But no, we are definitely not stopping it overall

2. Why can’t you just send Finshots on Whatsapp instead of email?

Well, there are logistical and financial challenges to sending daily updates on Whatsapp. We don’t see a feasible workaround here outside of maybe releasing an App. However since there have been very few requests for an App as is, we have had to put that on the back-burner. So for now, Finshots will remain on Email and Telegram. Yeah, we are on Telegram, you can subscribe here if you wish to. Hopefully, we will soon be on FB Messenger too.

3. Will I receive the Finshots newsletter if I am subscribed on Finception?

No. You won’t. And yes, this was a conscious move. Simply because the product offering here is very different. When people signed up for Finception, they did so under the presumption they would receive long-form articles on stocks and financial markets. Finshots caters to a very different need. It’s a way for most people to stay in touch with Business/Finance news. Albeit, we still offer our own insights into the matter, it’s a very different, albeit equally awesome product offering. So instead of being douchebags and automatically putting all Finception subscribers on the Finshot list, we wanted to give you a choice.

So if you want to read more Finshots, you should subscribe immediately. Enter your email here and mark our welcome email as ‘important’ in your inbox. All the cool people are doing it already. So hurry up 😛

Also, if you know of anyone who you think should be more financially aware this is the perfect product for them. So you should definitely refer Finshots. You’ll earn good karma points on the go.

Anyway, I think I’ve said enough already. If you have any more questions or if you simply want to say hi.

*As of date.

. . .

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