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Introduction to Finshots
Introducing Finshots

A letter to Finception Subscribers

An update to our customers on what's happening with Finception, our new product Finshots and a whole bunch of other recent developments...Read more

Published on Sep 7th


Indian Economic Slowdown
Market Stories

The Indian Economic Slowdown Explained | Part 2

The second half of a 2 part series that simplifies what's causing the economic slowdown. In this part we try and piece together the events leading up to the current day crisis...Read more

Published on July 7th

Indian Economic Slowdown
Market Stories

The Indian Economic Slowdown Explained

The first half of a 2 part series that simplifies what's causing the economic slowdown in this country and how we got here in the first place. The second half of the story will be coming soon....Read more

Published on July 2nd

A Dummy’s guide to ‘that’ paper by Arvind Subramanian
Market Stories

A Dummy’s guide to ‘that’ paper by Arvind Subramanian

This article tries to simplify the highly intricate subject matter that forms the basis of a very controversial paper published by Arvind Subramanian alleging that India has been overestimating it's GDP by about 2.5 percent...Read more

Published on June 26th

Rise of the Specialty Chemicals Industry — Visualised
Market Stories

Rise of the Specialty Chemicals Industry — Visualised

When the Chinese state agency goes on a mad spree to curb pollution, it presents an opportunity for the Indian Chemical companies to shine. This story is a visual retelling of how the speciality chemicals industry in India saw one of its biggest booms....Read more

Published on May 26th

The Analyst and the Three Body Problem
Market Stories

The Analyst and the Three Body Problem

When someone begins to question the whole purpose of your existence, what would you do? In our case we decided to write this epic essay on the uncertainty of markets- an essay filled with illustrations, simulation, real life stories and videos...Read more

Published on May 11th

Thinking about Shorting
Market Stories

Thinking about Shorting

This story is about betting on the downside. It's not about the quintessential growth story, instead it's about failures and how failures manifests itself in businesses. This is a story on " Thinking about Shorting"...Read more

Published on Apr 28th

Dark Underbelly of Indian markets
Market Stories

The dark underbelly of the Indian Stock Market

What happens when three idiots without experience in Stocks begin exploring the inner sanctum of the Indian Stock market?. Here is a small account of our Journey exploring the depths of the Indian SME IPO market ...Read more

Published on Apr 13th

Indian Consumption Story
Market Stories

Myths of the Indian Consumption Story

The Indian consumption story is radically changing how people are viewing individual stocks. Even average companies can look pretty good against the backdrop of a good growth story and it's a dangerous precedent. This story is a warning against staking all your chips based on just one claim! ...Read more

Published on Apr 7th

Gas pipelines

How Steel Pipes are waltzing their way back to prominence?

As natural gas goes mainstream the unlikely beneficiaries of this act are sitting up and taking notice. Steel pipes are waltzing back into fashion and in this story we explain why ? ...Read more

Published on Mar 30th


Bringing the ’80s back

What started as a record label in 1901 is now embracing a future that's changing its core DNA as we speak. Find out how Saregama is poised for the digital future that India is ready to embrace ...Read more

Published on Mar 23rd

Rational investor
Market Stories

How to be a Rational Investor?

Why do people lose money in the stock market ? Why is there such a stark difference between a rational investor and an irrational speculator. This story today will take you deep into the minds of the irrational investor and explore the fallacies that besiege the mind. ...Read more

Published on Mar 2nd

Real Estate
Market Stories

The Making of the Real Estate Bubble

This story is on the making of the Real Estate bubble, how we got here and whose likely to be at the forefront of the great unraveling incase the bubble goes pop. Hint : They have been all over the news lately ...Read more

Published on Feb 16th


Biocon and the Brave new world of Biosimilars

The Biosimilar revolution is only beginning just now and it seems an Indian company is at the thick of the action. This story on Biocon takes you deep into the world of biosimilars and will engross you completely ...Read more

Published on Feb 2nd

Rain Industries

Rain Industries and the Fear of Missing Out

What if i told you there is a multibagger opportunity. What if i told you there's a big marquee investor already invested in the stock. What if i told you the stock fits the criteria set by the legendary Benjamin Graham? Back in 2013, a little know Hyderabad company was just beginning to fit the bill. Our story on Rain Industries and it's remarkable journey on the bourses...Read more

Published on Jan 26th

Delta - Corp

From Mahabharatha to Online Casinos — The Changing Face of the Indian Gaming Industry (Ft. Delta Corp)

While gambling is generally seen as a vice, there's another side to it that often gets ignored. It's a facet that's currently undergoing a sea change in India and our story tries to capture some of these elements. So here is our comprehensive review of the casino/gambling industry and the only listed company in the segment- Delta Corp....Read more

Published on Jan 20th

BalKrishna Industries

Balkrishna Industries - Big bets and big promises

Balkrishna Industries is a multibagger. It's got a global brand and it tends to a sector that's considered to grow along a secular trend. But it's story is more about just the numbers and the business opportunities. Hidden deep inside the complex maze is a story about redemption, a story about unbridled ambition and wealth and a story about how big bets can reap even bigger rewards. Most importantly it's a story you do not want to miss....Find out more

Published on Jan 12th

HDFC Bank and the Bad Loan Conundrum

HDFC Bank and the Bad Loan Conundrum

When banks across the financial spectrum started declaring large amounts of NPAs it seemed like the entire industry was fraught with greed and a lack of oversight. But just when you thought the whole lot was broken, HDFC bank emerged as the shining beacon of the banking sector. This story talks about the biggest problem plaguing the industry and one bank's attempt to buck the trend....Find out more

Published on Jan 5th

Why you shouldn’t invest in Airlines

Why you shouldn’t invest in Airlines

When the Wright Brothers took to air for the first time at Kitty Hawk, it was bound to change mankind forever and it did. Almost a century later, Warren Buffett had this to say about the matter-" Indeed, if a farsighted capitalist had been present at Kitty Hawk, he would have done his successors a huge favour by shooting Orville [Wright] down.”
This story is a an attempt to bridge the gap. Air Travel or Airline Stock?......Find out more

Published on Dec 29th

In defence of RBI

HEG India — Graphite is the new Gold

Everybody is calling HEG India a cyclical play. A play that's just about to fall apart at the seams. But the truth is much more nuanced than it seems. Our story focuses on the upside and the downside to the Graphite story...Find out more

Published on Dec 22th

In defence of RBI
Market Stories

In defence of RBI

While everybody is out with their pitchforks demanding for RBIs head this piece will provide you another perspective, the RBI perspective. If you haven't been following up with controversies or haven't got around to reading what the RBI does. This story is definitely for you....Read more

Published on Dec 16th

Financial Shenanigans
Market Stories

Financial Shenanigans and how to find them?

This story tries to connect one of the most popular works on accounting forensics "Financial Shenanigans" to Dalal Street and tell you how to piece together a puzzle to see if the growth story on your favourite stock is premised on solid ideals or shaky ground...Read more

Published on Dec 8th

Nestle India Stock story

Avanti Feeds and The Madness of Crowds

When madness grips the collective psyche of the public all hell breaks loose. Out story on Avanti takes readers deep into the minds of investors to explain how stock markets can be overcome by the irrational exuberance surrounding a good story....Read more

Published on Dec 1st

Nestle India Stock story

The 5G Revolution and Sterlite Tech

The 5G Revolution is here and Indian Fiber companies are on the ascendancy, case in point- Sterlite Technologies. How will India's biggest optical fiber company fare well over the course of the next few years...Read more

Published on Nov 24th

Nestle India Stock story

Nestlé - 'Milk'ing the cash cow

When Maggi went off the shelves in early June 2015, Nestle India was looking at a very uncertain future and yet three years afterwards, all of it seems like a minor blip. This story on Nestle takes you through the inner workings before and after the crisis in what is a jam-packed read with explainers, good wisdom and a solid comeback theme. ...Read more

Published on Nov 17th

Asian Paints Stock story

Asian Paints - Leading the way

How do you build a brand and create one of the most expensive paint stocks in the world. Well, you do what Asian Paints does and watch as the stock price soars. Find out more here ...Read more

Published on Nov 10th

NBFC Crisis
Market Stories

The Indian NBFC Crisis

The financial institutions that serve us are interconnected in so many ways that a small blip in the system could have the potential to bring down the entire economy if we don't stop the contagion spread and the NBFC crisis is threatening to do just that. In this story we try and piece together the pieces of this puzzle as the crisis unfolds in what is being touted as India's moment of reckoning...Read more

Published on Nov 3rd

Yes Bank Stock Story

Yes Bank- When the pillars break down

As the RBI refuses to offer an additional term to Rana Kapoor to continue as Yes Bank's CEO, it's share price is in the doldrums. Our story today is about Yes Bank, the company and the stock and all that goes into running a bank. It is an attempt to understand the finances, business drivers and the promoter himself to figure out where Yes Bank is headed for the future....Read more

Published on Oct 27th

Titan Company Stock Story

Gold Rush - Demystifying Titan

Titan is on a golden run. Buoyed by the resurgence in the jewellery sector and the advent of demonetisation and GST, Titan's stock price has been rallying prodigiously over the past two years. But how should an investor analyse a jewellery business. What are the factors driving stock ...Read more

Published on Oct 20th

Marico stock Introduction

Marico - Onwards and Upwards

Marico houses such enviable brands including Parachute, Set Wet and Saffola. It's grown from being a family run business to an FMCG giant occupying leadership position in most market it competes in. But with fierce competition looming will Marico keep the pace up or will it fizzle away as time goes by. Find out ... Read more

Published on Oct 13th

United breweries stock Introduction

Kingfisher — The King of Good Times?

How United Breweries battles the uncertainties involved in selling beer and continues to be the undisputed market leader? ...Read more

Published on Sep 30th

PVR Cinemas stock Introduction

PVR: The pursuit of an Unreasonable Man

How Ajay Bijli set out on an unreasonable pursuit to create the largest multiplex chain in India and in the process redefine the standards for cinematic experience ...Read more

Published on Sep 23rd

Page industries stock Introduction

Jockey : Making millions with underwear

This story chronicles the fascinating journey of Page Industries as they build brand Jockey and create the most recognisable underwear in Modern india ...Read more

Published on Sep 15th

Eicher motors stock Introduction

Eicher Motors : A Journey from Good to Great

Good is the enemy of great. We don’t have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We don’t have great government, principally because we have good government...Read more

Published on Sep 8th

Jet Airways stock Introduction

Jet Airways : How not to take on debt?

Jet airways is stumbling along barely staying afloat. The debtors are circling and the investors restless. Will the company survive another year ? Read more

Published on Aug 14th

HDFC AMC IPO Introduction
Market Stories

HDFC AMC : The biggest IPO of the year

The HDFC AMC IPO is expected to have a blockbuster listing. But what's driving the mania? Why is there so much hype around the HDFC IPO? Read more

Published on July 21st

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